Monday, 30 April 2007

'Male' Merging

Huhnewatch is drawn to Chris’ latest Guardan article*

Apparently Chris is upset to have received a ‘mail merged letter’ from David Cameron.

In the article “Blue won't be green David Cameron's environmental rhetoric is not reflected in the actions of his party” Chris complains - “David Cameron has once again written urging me to support the Conservative party. His mail-merge letter says attractive things about the need to tackle climate change”

Chris won’t be happy then with Winchester Lib Dem Candidate Martin Todd who seems to have mail merged Huhnes entire article into his website.

Next to a picture entitled “Martin Todd and local lib dems choking in Tory pollution (what is it about Winchester Lib Dems and chocking on things) the candidate lifts Huhne’s entire article from the Guardian word for word as the top story on his campaign webpage and not a mention of Chris in sight!

Wonder if the Guardian knows they spend £5000 a year so Chris can write Lib Dem campaigning templates.

Mailmerging. Tut Tut.

*(Register of Members' Interests – Guardian – up to £5000)

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