Friday, 6 July 2007

Madly Ambitious

From the Times sketch 22nd June

Just had to share this with you...even the press are starting to catch you out Chris.

"There were hardly any LibDems in the Chamber for Environment Questions and only one of any talent (Vince Cable). Where were they? Perhaps sitting by their phones awaiting a call from the Great Gordo. Chris Huhne, the madly ambitious environment spokesman, had brought his phone with him and switched it on. "Brrring, brrring." It was the only noise in the chamber that mattered. "Answer it! Its Gordon Brown!" cried a Tory. Everyone burst out laughing and Mr Huhne, tingling with the knowledge that everyone recognised the inevitability of such a call, made a great show of silencing his phone. Later he stood up to ask a question about nuclear power. Sir Patrick Cormack, a Tory grandee of almost unparalleled talent, shouted at the Labour front bench "Answer with respect. He may be your boss next week." I thought Chris Huhne was going to die of happiness.

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