Friday, 7 December 2007

Latest: Huhne takes up to £20’000 of tax payers money to help fund Eastleigh Lib Dem Association campaigns

Electoral Commission documents show that since Huhne’s selection for the parliamentary seats of Eastleigh his association has received over £20’000 pounds of tax payers money from the Liberal Democrat Council group in Eastleigh Borough.

One such donation received this year totalled over £5000. While other Lib Dem and Labour MP’s also cream off money from council allowance funds, the Electoral Commission documents reveal that Huhne’s opponent for the Leadership, Nick Clegg, received no such donations of tax payer’s money in his fight to win the seat of Sheffield Hallam.

Huhne has said consistently in recent weeks that the public should have the right to ‘tick a box’ at general elections to indicate where they wish tax payers money to be donated yet it seems that while no such system is currently in place huhne believes it is still acceptable to receive tax payer funding to run his local association without any mandate from the electorate.

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